Hand-knit Series

News & Events / May 25, 2015

Hand-knit Series

I am proud to give my clients a Hand-knit Series. As its name suggests, all products that belong to such category are lovingly and meticulously worked on by my own hands. I spent hours and even days to complete a project, but I don’t really mind it as I have made hundreds of clients really happy. Look out our Hand-knit Series Galleries.


What can you expect from my hand-knit series?

100 percent Cotton

All my products are 100 percent cotton. This basically explains why it’s so comfortable to wear, especially by kids. It allows air to pass through in and out of your body so you feel cool almost all the time. Cotton is also easier to wash.


Different Sizes to Choose From

My hand-knit series is available in different sizes, so there’s always a pair of socks for the baby as well as for the adults. You can use the sizing chart you can find in my website or simply provide me with your own size. Keep in mind that since my sizing options are detailed, you’ll be able to choose the right one for you. If in any case the product doesn’t fit you, you can still return the item over a certain period, but you have to pay for the shipping and other associated charges.


Colours to Match Your Style 

Aside from the sizes, you can also pick your favorite color—and I have a lot of them! I’ve come to discover that clients prefer to choose what they like as the shades are normally a reflection of their own personality and fashion style.


High-quality Knit Material

The knit materials I am using are sourced out from abroad. For example, the yarns have come from Japan and Europe such as Italy and Spain. They are therefore very strong or durable, giving any Hand-knit Series item longevity.


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