Sewing Series

News & Events / May 25, 2015

Sewing Series

Aside from my Hand-Knit Series, I also offer Sewing Series, where you can enjoy the following benefits:


Personally hand-sewn

Just like my hand-knit series, all patterns and items in my Sewing Series are products of my hand. In other words, I did not use any intricate device or latest sewing technologies for this one. This then allows me to create something according to your specification or what you will really like to own and even wear.


High-quality Materials Used

I do not leave anything to chance, so I always make sure that the materials I use for any of my series are top of the line. I invest in them because I know you are also trying to get some good investments out of the finished products. The materials were purchased or were flown from different parts of the world, including high-fashion capitals such as Japan and Italy.


More Designs and Patterns 

My Sewing Series collection is comprehensive. It already includes patchwork blankets and squeeze bags. I also design headbands. Though a lot of my clients are adults, I can also come up with something really great for the kids, even for the infants. You can refer to my sizing chart or send me an e-mail for a request of a quote. This way, I can come up with something that fits you to a T.


Customise Yours 

Definitely you want yours to be different from everybody else, more so when you have your own design idea. If you want me to customise your Sewing Series product, just let me know. You can provide me with some details about it, or you can give me a sketch. I never start any customisation project without getting the right idea about what you want me to create.


Get your own Hand-sewn Series product today.


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